This has always been our dream: to create one-of-a-kind pieces you've had never ending thoughts about. Just like that boy that won’t bloody text you back... except this is worth it. 

You get the damn dress and you wear it like Kahleesi owns her dragons. Your 100% unique Dyspy piece is going to make you as extra as Celine Dion. We want you flipping through your yearbook when you're a million years old and toothless, showing off to your grandkids how fluffing awesome you used to kick it back in the day. 

Process: You want that snug, body banging, hips to the curve piece? You got it - we make the piece within a millimetre of your body shape. 

* Warning, ladies. This is a time consuming process - there's a ~lot~ of work behind each piece, so it does come at a higher price. However, it means there will be no bitch-stole-my-look situations coz no two dresses are the same. Plus, just think of the grandkids' faces when you show off your style! Please bear in mind that our silhouettes stay true to us - we will only accept custom pieces we feel reflect who we are. 

Request quote for mind-blowing, knee-dropping, jaw-gagging piece below.

All our love, Jam and Rach.

Image courtesy of @tafaphoto

 Let's make some magic: