Brain & Bod Fitness w/ Chantelle from @piecebypiecewellness

We've all got our own idea of what wellness means and especially the context of COVID and lockdown, this gal was my absolute secret 🤫✊ weapon - her holistic approach to keepin' fit 🧘‍♀️ had me hooked from the get-go!

So I've moved from my island 🌴 home in Bali to Melbourne, completed the 2 week hotel isolation and we’ve just gone into our second lockdown. I learnt pretty quickly that keeping active and invigorated is ☝️ key!
My beautiful friend 🌸 Chantelle does the most stunning classes. I swear I’ll come out fitter than ever. At the moment I’m just painfully sore 🤣 so hopefully that changes. I can’t just hog her all to myself - so have a read of our quick chat and if you're in a little headspace pickle, give her class a whirl and honestly your creativity will bounce back! 🙌
- Jameen 💖 @jamjii_dyspnea


What’s your name?


Stage Name/Insta name?


Currently based?


What do you do for a living?

Pilates instructor and Holistic Coach

Tell us a little bit about it?

As a Pilates instructor I facilitate movement in the hopes of fostering a sense of curiosity in people. This curiosity is aimed at our very own flesh suits and how all these parts and pieces come together when we take the time to move in varied ways. My philosophy to movement is pretty hedonistic - it should feel good!

Whether it is a steamy 'I'm going to feel this tomorrow' kinda good or whether it is a juicy, space-creating flow - I am here for it all. Basically, I get to roll around on the floor getting sweaty, with great people whilst laughing at my crappy* jokes.

As a Holistic Coach, I provide a workbench for people to explore their sometimes tangled, sometimes complicated and often challenging human experiences. I use a holistic lens, which means I see the whole human and not just individual parts. I am a firm believer that everyone already has the answers to all that they seek, sometimes they just need a bit of help to peel some of those layers off. I mostly identify blind spots and ask very pointed questions so that you can access the answers that are hidden under 25,463 layers of conditioning that us humans are oh so excellent at accumulating. 

*not always crappy.

Best way to relieve stress?

Long, slow, deep... breathing. My absolute fail-safe.

How are you coping with the current climate we are in?

Personally, I have really enjoyed the slowness. I have just started my Honours in Psychology so I am enjoying the minimal social distractions.

Thinking about the collective, I have some worries. I haven't figured out how exactly I feel about that just yet but I do know that life as we know it has been turned on its head and I am very much in processing mode. 

Fave way to wind down?

I love so many small things in life that help me feel calm ⏤

  • Classical music and a bit of deep breathing
  • Dancing around the kitchen and cooking
  • Reading a great book
  • Going to the dog park and patting doggos. Also, scrolling through IG and looking at doggos.

Are there any rules you try to live your life by?

① Trust (and enjoy) the process
② Cause no harm
③ Be the change you want to see in the world
④ Stay curious!

Feel like getting curious about yourself (body or mind), reach to Chantelle over here 👉 @piecebypiecewellness 💖✨💘💫💞