About us


(dis-knee-ah) shortness of breath

In the wee hours of the morning in 2013 having just completed making a sample, we were feeling the pressure of deciding on a brand name. We hit Google hard and stumbled across the medical term dyspnea. It just made sense! We design pieces to take your breath away 🥀🕊


👇🏽That Dyspnea feeling  👇🏽


Whether you’ve been following us since 2013 or are a new Dyspet, we want to personally welcome you to our lil community ✨ After all the highs and lows it took to get here, it makes us weak at the knees with joy and gratitude each day we hear from you and watch it grow 😭💖🙏

Now blessed to have garment makers who allow us to make things to order, one by one, we knew we wanted to make Dyspnea as inclusive 🍑👱🏼‍♂️🍐👩🏽‍🦱🍎 as possible and reduce wastage ♻️🌏 Made to order means we can make our favourite pieces in any size, any colour, for only 10% more than normal! We’ll have it fully hand-beaded and with you in just 6-8 weeks.

We are so proud that EVERY person can be a Dyspet and own a piece that fits them perfectly! 💅🏽

Jam & Rach

We met in the last year of TAFE studying Advanced Fashion & Textiles in Perth, Western Australia. We bonded over heartaches and have been besties ever since 👭We started designing one-off party pieces and before we knew it, our friends and hot strangers wanted us to make some for them! 💫

We both worked for labels learning the biz and meanwhile, Dyspy was evolving into something way bigger than our rumpus room could handle - so we made it legit and left our jobs 💅🏽😱 We grew slowly so that we didn’t compromise the quality, our personal touch, our happiness and friendship 💖


“We had the best teachers ever and wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for Linda’s constant sample rejections, Belinda’s skills in pattern making and Janelle’s encouragement” - Jameen 

“We are so proud of what the brand stands for and the small team we’ve built over the years, the whole process was very organic for us. We just followed our guts” - Rach


Welcome to our world - everyone's invited