Interview with @mitchellryann 💖

A loving friend of the Dyspnea team, Mitchell Ryan has been one of our biggest inspirations and supporters for years. Recently hosting our AAFW show last May, Mitch’s style is truly iconic and we just had to find out more about what makes them tick! 🌟🔥😍

What's your star sign?
(CapSun CapMoon ScorpRising)
I’m a Capricorn in the streets and a Scorpio in the sheets <3

Is there anything you’re currently consuming that you’d recommend?
I want to fuck to FKA Twigs Caprisongsparty rock to Cobrah U KNOW ME, fall in lust to Rina Sawayama LUCID, have my dinner paid for to Slayyyter Daddy AF, throw the worm to Pablo Vittar Follow Me and hold Rihanna hostage for a new album.
TLDR: I’m ~gay~ (adjacent).

Your style is inarguably iconic… what inspires you?
Lads, Queers, Anna Delvey, The Brady Bunch, Miss Piggy, Colour Wheels, People, Places, things?

How does Dyspnea make you feel?
It has changed over the years…… I have grown with the brand. Jam and Rach (Dyspy) inspired me, made me own my confidence, evolved my gender fluidity, and let me feel my yas queen skinny legend Versace boots the house down slay queen hunty mama and oop daddy work Charli xcx snatch my wig Gaga. 

What would be your absolutely favourite piece of Dyspy and why?
Honestly, it's the “Down with the Patriassy slip”. It's the item that started it all. I named this dress back in 2018 and it's been a romantic love story ever since with myself and every girl on the roster.


What advice would you give to your former self?
Embrace being a F@g. Don’t let people change you. Use your experiences as tools. Use your tool as experiences…. You know, do a little dance, make a little love, get down for life.
Where do you think we'll find you in 5 years?
The Gutter baby.

Thanks for chatting Mitch! 💖💖💖

You can keep up with Mitch and their fabulous journey towards the gutter on Insta at @mitchellryann