Happy Mardi Gras 🌈 ✨ 🏳️‍🌈 with Sydney AFAB Drag Icon @spacehorse 😍💅

Sydney AFAB Drag Icon SPACE HORSE sat down with our OG Pussy Posse member Mitch Ryan to chat all things Mardi Gras, Queerness, Drag and Fashion! 💕 🌈 ✨ 🏳️‍🌈


The theme for Mardi Gras this year is 'United We Shine', my question to you is how do you shine and how does the community shine?

Well besides the gorgeous highlighter... my shine comes from the fact that I am working in a 'men's club'. Even though we love to celebrate everyone, Mardi Gras has generally been dominated by gay men so I feel like my shine throughout the year, not just in the Mardi Gras season, is that I am a powerful WOMAN in a male space.

We're very interested in your style in fashion in Drag and then outside of Drag... what does style mean to you as Spacey versus Geordie?

I think when I'm in Drag and I'm doing Spacey I'm much more willing to really go for it and maybe wear things that Geordie might not... like she might not want certain parts of her body out. I feel like Drag gives me this allowance to really push it whereas for Geordie practicality beats everything else... I'm in that t-shirt, those bike shorts....

Those CROCS!!! Although I feel like the Crocs tiptoe into both your worlds...

The crocs mama! The crocs are fashion.

You're an openly Queer woman in a Drag space which we've mentioned being kind of a gentlemen's club... what does it mean for you to be an openly Queer woman in this space?

I think so much of it is just being in the space and taking up space. For such a long time it's like where are the lesbians? For years in the Mardi Gras parade the Dykes on Bikes will go past and that's amazing then it's just jock straps for 2km. 

... I'm wearing a jock strap you fucking bitch! Hahaha 

There's a place for that!!! It's just so often Queer women are swept under the rug. I constantly have to reassure people of my queerness... like no no no it's okay, I'm here too and we can all party together! 

We've been best friends for a long time but I've never asked you... what was your first Mardi Gras experience like? 

I never went to Mardi Gras until I was around 19... and it was me. Blackout drunk. Gutter behind Fitness First. Centre of attention as always... and I think I woke up half an hour earlier and went home.

Was there a guest list to get into the curb? Who was performing?

Oh girly the curb was busy, booked and blessed. We had Mitzi Mcintosh up there... miss Etcetera Etcetera twirling... it was gorgeous. Sewer rats only for Mardi Gras. 



ALRIGHT... close your eyes. Vodka Redbull in hand, you're in Dyspnea looking for a night out on Mardi Gras... where are we going?

First of all, a party in the bedroom alone always. Then we're going to Ching-a-Lings for a Mojito if you're lucky... then straight onto Universal, straight onto the Newtown Hotel and ending it at the Imperial Erskineville!


I've searched TikTok for some ins and outs of 2022... are you ready?

Always, born ready!

Using the word camp: IN!
Hats: In, we love a hat!
Sequins: In!!!!!!!! 
Homophobia, Transphobia & Misogyny: Out.
La Niña: So out. We're done. Gaga said Rain on Me and I said Stop. 
The colour green: In! We love.
The Black Eyed Peas: In Mama, In In In. 
Quirky interiors: In but a light in. We're a little bit over it.
Drag: OUT. GET RID OF IT. It's so out... It's so uncomfortable but it is quite gorgeous. 
Style beats fashion: Every time! 


Why do you love Dyspnea and why are you wearing it for Mardi Gras?

When you put on Dyspnea you're instantly just like 'oh yeah I look so fucking good.' The shoulders I don't like, they're out mama, it's happening. Dyspnea allows me to achieve that feeling I have in drag, every single day. 




You can view the full live interview on our TikTok here.

Spacey wears the Rah Rah Top, Rumba Midi Skirt, Tata Bodice and Oprah Gloves.

This interview has been transcribed from a live recording. Question's and answer's may have been edited for grammatical purposes.