Iso à la Dyspy: Part Two

A lil window into our lives - you’re not alone 🌸This week, see what Carmen, Jam and Katie from Team Dyspy are up to in ISO.




PR ANGEL       ♥︎     @ZIGS_MOM

How are you spending your time?

I've attached some things I've been cooking - I literally can't stop send help! A few winners have been pork and chive wontons, a Korean dish called Buldak (means fire chicken! haha) and Shakshuka. 

Unexpected highlight?

Right now, I've discovered a newfound appreciation for my plants. I'm actually at home with them enough to give them the TLC they've all needed. Watching them flourish and grow so quickly as a result has been really satisfying!

What keeps you grounded?

I've been finding normalcy in afternoon walks at the park, occasional journaling and daily stretching in the sun. 

Whatcha been listening to?

I haven't been listening to many podcasts but my friends have been creating Spotify playlists which I'll listen to while working and it makes me feel a little bit closer to them! 

Any boredom busting tips?

My advice for beating the evening boredom - zoom calls with wine! And cooking! I cook a lot normally but having more time on my hands lately has enabled me to take my time and experiment with more difficult or intricate dishes.









Where is home right now?

So I’m currently Quarantining in a hotel for two weeks in Melbourne, Australia - as I’ve just recently flown back from Bali. The government requires us all to isolate for 14 days in selected establishments. So my sanity is vital at this moment. We cannot leave the room for the whole 14 days. Will my bf and I make it out a couple haha. ugh.

Where do hours in the day go?

Honestly, I’m sleeping a lot - the beds unreal! Taking this opportunity to really rest I guess and switch my brain off.

What are you listening/reading/watching?

Im listening to this podcast - The Imperfects (Hugh has a stunningly calm voice). On Spotify, Cigarettes After Sex is on repeat and I’m reading Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness (I’m going to watch past iceskating replays from the Olympics next). 

What makes the days more tolerable?

Chatting to my dad on a daily basis about how mice can squeeze into the smallest of holes. Stretching and doing short, intense workout routines, may as well come out of this ripped. 

Where’s your head at about all this?

Although our space is small currently, I appreciate that we have our health. This is a step forward to slow down the virus and like everyone else, I cannot wait until this is all over and we can really enjoy the smaller moments we took for granted.  LOVE Y’ALL!




WEB FAIRY       ♥︎     @PEARLER__

What fills up the hours of your day?

Socially distanced gardening with my Nonna, a lotta cooking and let’s face it, a frankly disturbing amount of Netflix. I’m blessed to be busy with work, because everyone wants a pretty website now.

What stops you from going cray cray?

I’m big into wellness and self-help stuff. At the same time, when I feel all this nervous energy (it’s constant rn), I find it hard to meditate. Instead, I focus on external things in nature - the birds, the sun, and it helps. Oh, and Albie, the adorable puppy I’m looking after for my cousin.

Whatcha watching / reading / listening to?

Literally any word that comes out of Esther Perel’s mouth. In The Flo by Alissa Vitti is turning my world upside down it’s so cool. I’m watching a lot of super fun videos by Puno at ilovecreatives to level up my ~internet skillz~ I’m also loving After Work Drinks podcast for the noise of gal pals when mine reschedule our Zoom & wine chats!