Iso à la Dyspy: Part One

A lil window into our lives - you’re not alone 🌸This week, see what Rach, Alexandra and Michelle from Team Dyspy are up to in ISO.



Quarantine highlight?

I adopted a puppy! So spending my time cleaning up poo’s and wee’s, taking content for his baby book and shopping online for his perfect winter wardrobe. 

Skills you’re refining?

I’ve become an expert on naps. I figure it’s better to sleep through the day than eat through the day. Although, I‘ve also become an expert on toast - I am no cook and have no motivation to start now, especially as a new mum. My toast skills though, are on point (unfortunately I have no documentation on this so you’ll have to just take my word) 

Preferred form of movement?

My sister and I invested in hiring a Pilates reformer which we have set up in her front room (so I can safely come and go while social distancing). I can proudly say I have done about 45mins in total in the last week. This week I will really push myself and try for a hour.

Tasks you’re finally nipping in the bud?

I spent a few hours setting up my tinder profile (for the millionth time) seems like a good investment for 2020 as a single. Can’t wait to see all my old friends on there, “Oh hey Harry, guess it didn’t work out with Susie then?” , “Brad! Long time! How’s your mum?” So as you can tell I’m very busy and important so I must get back to watching judge Judy and TikToks.

Stay safe 🥰 xx






Where’s your head at re: isolation?

For me I think it’s about learning to slow down and appreciate having time. It’s something we so rarely have an abundance of and we have it we don’t know what to do with it. 

What are you enjoying?

I have been trying to stop and appreciate the beauty in the things around me. A sunset, the gentle hum of life in the garden, the rhythmic breathing of my dogs as they sleep peacefully next to me. 

Where does your time disappear to?

There have definitely been days that were sacrificed to the Netflix gods. I recommend a series called Unorthodox. It’s a sort of coming-of-age story about a young newly married Orthodox Jewish woman from New York who runs away to Berlin to escape the only reality she’s ever known. In these trying times it’s useful to remember that for some people, their struggle with being able to move freely in the world is lifelong and not just temporary.  

Got any tips to share?

I do try to make a list of small things I want to achieve every day. Things I have been putting off but which are far too mundane to list here, but give me a sense of accomplishment anyway. Cleaning and organising the space you live in can be very therapeutic. 







Quarantine highlight?

I recently adopted a little kitten called Walter who is keeping us occupied at home! He is so naughty but the sweetest thing at the same time. We're so lucky to have found him and urge anyone to adopt or rescue an animal if they can - while spending more time at home its really the best opportunity to do it! 

What’s fillin’ your time?

I have a huge to-be-read pile that keeps getting neglected for more pressing and important television binging The Bold Type. But the last book I read recently was Claire Bowditch's autobiography Your Own Kind of Girl and would definitely recommend this + a cup of tea + pyjamas = the perfect evening 🥰 

How do you unwind after work?

After packing & posting all your Dyspy orders in the afternoons I'm going for walks while listening to Judith Lucy's podcast Overwhelmed and Dying - highly recommend for a much needed laugh! 

Alexandra ❤️ x